Girish, a man who personifies his name, was born in Bombay India to a very humble soul Vimla and grew up surrounded by the teachings of Dada TL and JP Vaswani. His religion always one, “Being Human”.  He is the apple of everyone's eye in the family, with an unusually amicable nature. He immigrated from India to New York with his parents as a teenager and had very humble beginnings. With his ever present smile and caring nature, he was soon well on his way to build a life of love and service in the USA. Very early on, his mother and father instilled in him the gift of giving back to society. Fate dealt a major blow when he lost is mother a few years later after migrating to the USA. His friends say he believes in the type of service where the left hand does not know what the right hand did.


Meeting Anju while on a visit to Nagpur, India, it felt like he had met his soulmate and soon they were married and back in New York in 1997. Having a partner that believed in his deep yearning for community service was gratifying.


What they both yearned for was a child who would complete their small universe. And that yearning was not as easily full-filled. Months, years would go by, each emotionally painful.


Finally, Shivali came as a blessing, a miracle, 10 years after Girish and Anju were married. The pregnancy was very rough again but the faith in the universe and the belief that the God is too kind to punish delivered their bundle of joy. She brought an unsurpassable joy into their lives. She is now a sweet, loving, precocious 11 year old. Very early on, watching her father, she picked the mantra that life is about giving. Since the age of four she supports a local animal shelter. She says they can't speak for themselves and with her small lemonade stand, has raised 3000 dollars in the past 6 years. Anju attributes this nature to her father.


Life was a happy place for the three along with Girish’s dad who stayed with them.


10 years of waiting, 10 years of joy and the 11th year the diagnosis that Girish had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Still grappling with this discovery, he lost his father to the news within a few days while in treatment.


This past year has been especially hard on Shivali, a beloved grandfather lost forever, a father trying to win over the disease with courage and grace. She is now practically raising herself, while Girish sports his neutropenia and fevers waiting for a donor. How do you explain to your child that the journey that was supposed to end, now re-begins? What does it mean? The implications, the treatments, risks, and various other questions that are difficult to grasp for adults themselves?


Chemotherapy was Girish’s hope for cure, but it damaged his bone marrow and weakened his stem cells. Girish has now been in the hospital this past month, with unrelenting fevers of unknown origin. His hope now is a bone marrow transplant.


An intensely private person, never seeking the limelight, it has taken serious thought to go public with his current condition. Thoughts of others also came to him. He said to his wife this might help me and several others who may not otherwise get a chance.


He awaits that one person who would give him a chance at life. His family has never once questioned, “Why us”. Their faith carries them on.


As Anju sits there helpless amazed at the helplessness of the doctors, Girish and the family await for another miracle.


The search is for that ONE person who would gift him a new lease on life.


Who would give a giving child, her Daddy back.


Who would give the community their noble friend back.


That match could be you !

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